This course is designed to teach the students the fundamentals of language arts. In this class, students will work on improving their knowledge of functional vocabulary, as well as increasing their reading skills and composition skills. The rudiments of English grammar will also be emphasized and taught. Students will be required to define survival/community words, write paragraphs and fill out forms, read fictional and informational texts, and practice the spelling patterns of common words. This course may be taken several times throughout high school with different skills identified and various materials utilized as determined by the IEP.


This course is designed for students with limited mathematical and problem solving abilities. The course provides an in-depth focus on skills and concepts at each student’s level that are tied to applications in the real world and connections to other math topics. An emphasis is placed on developing problem solving skills.


This course is designed to help students increase their mathematical abilities as they relate to personal financial management. Students explore banking services, budgets, credit, insurance, and buying units. An emphasis is placed on developing problem solving skills. In addition to working from textbooks, students will participate in daily activities that apply problem solving concepts to the “real world.”

SCIENCE (Biology and Physical)

In biology, students will deepen their understanding of topics related to biology and life science. Students will broaden their knowledge of food and nutrition, personal safety and fitness, the human body, animal and plant growth, and habitats for plants and animals. In physical science, students investigate the basic concepts of earth science, space and weather, matter, and energy in motion.

SOCIAL STUDIES (U.S. History, World History, Government, Consumer Economics)

These courses are designed to help students explore and learn skills related to studying the past, using maps, and identifying geographical regions. In American history, students will survey United States geography and American history from the early 1400’s to the present. Students will increase their knowledge of key historical events and prominent American citizens from the past. Areas of interest include landmarks and state capitals.

In world history, students will survey world geography and regions, as well as prominent historical figures. Students will increase their knowledge of how key historical events impacted the development of the world. In government, students will learn about the function, principles, and ideals of the American system of government. An additional focus will be on helping students understand how they can make meaningful contributions to their community as a knowledgeable citizen. In consumer economics, students will study banking and investments, community resources; they will also become more skilled at filling out occupational forms and more knowledgeable of community jobs.