CLOTHING 1 (FHS) Academy of Industry, Technology and Innovation

Students will learn about textiles and how basic sewing techniques including fabric recognition, fabric care, pattern reading, pattern making, hand sewing, embroidering, and early sets in using a digital sewing machine. Projects include but are not limited to: pillows, pajama pants, pencil pouch, etc

CLOTHING 2 (FHS) Academy of Industry, Technology and Innovation

Students will examine clothing production in the areas of preparation for clothing construction, basick clothing construction techniques, consumer decisions, and career opportunities. Emphasis is placed on students applying these construction and design skills to apparel and home fashion. Skills in art, communication, mathematics, science, and technology are reinforced in this course. Three projects are chosen by the students and their interests.


The Confident Consumer is a one semester course that fulfills the Michigan Merit Curriculum Senior Year Math course requirement. The class will operate on a token economy system where students must pay for everything (a pass, turning in homework, taking a test) and students will receive payment for doing their job as a student (coming to class on time, coming prepared, doing excellent work, contributing to class discussion, high test scores, etc). The units of study would include understanding our economy and how it works, consumer rights, career choices, managing your money, budgeting, credit, banking, shopping skills, income and taxes. The student will learn how to save for security by making wise investments. In addition to these topics of study, students would complete a household money management simulation.

FOOD FOR LIFE Academy of Business and Hospitality

Foods for Life will introduce students to more complex cooking skills that build on the skills that they have learned in the previous semester. The student will study fad diets and trends and the roles in which diet plays on their lifelong health. During the Foods for Life class students will see how their culture is similar to others by researching what humans have eaten for centuries and how we are truly a global community through our foods and culture. Prerequisite Fundamental Foods or at the discretion of the teacher.

FUNDAMENTAL FOODS Academy of Business and Hospitality

Fundamental Foods will introduce students to the safety and sanitation aspects of home and small business food service preparations. The student will be emmerised in techniques and skills that will improve their speed and understanding of basic meal preparations and nutritional planning. They will also evaluate the cost of food in our society based on dietary restrictions and needs. The students will have to opportunity to prepare foods in a lab setting with supervision and will be given the chance to work on a business event during the semester by producing a food product sold as a fundraiser. Students will investigate the career opportunities that are in the food service industry.

INTERIOR DESIGN (FHS) Academy of Industry, Technology and Innovation

This course enables students to explore art in the field of interior design. Design and Presentation methods, Identification and application of the elements and principles of design are emphasized throughout. Also included is an introduction to housing floor plans, blueprint symbols, and furniture arrangement. Students will compile all of these concepts into a Dream House Final Presentation board.