Career Exploration is a one semester course designed to teach students the comprehensive career planning process. This learning experience is designed to assist the student in selecting a college major and developing career options. This course will help students to identify talents, interests, personality and skills so that they can match them with future career pursuits. Students will identify methods to help attain educational, training and career goals. They will research educational opportunities relevant to career interests and investigate the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the workplace. Additionally students will practice the educational and job search skills required for implementation of their career path.


This is a State of Michigan program which allows 11th and 12th grade students to enroll in college classes at local institutions (generally, Henry Ford Community College and University of Michigan – Dearborn). Dual Enrollment guidelines require completion of the Plan, PSAT and/or MME (Michigan Merit Exam) to qualify for dual enrollment. Students can earn both high school credit and college credit for successful completion of the dual enrollment classes. However, these Dual Enrollment credits may not transfer to all major universities.


This one semester course is designed for freshman students who want to maximize their potential in high school! Students who want to be more successful academically and prepare themselves better for college should take this class. Students will explore their personal learning styles, learn to be organized and manage their time, study more effectively, earn high test and quiz grades, relate better with the upperclassmen, manage their individual stress, define their educational goals, conduct productive research, take useful notes, become confident public speakers, read faster and comprehend more.

YEARBOOK All Academies

This course is primarily a student-operated, advisor-directed production class. Students design and produce the school annual (yearbook). Students learn various skills of design, layout, copywriting, editing, graphic art skills, desktop publishing, digital and 35mm photography, sales, product promotion, accounting, advertising, budgeting and inventory. Students should have a working knowledge of computers, have a strong sense of time commitment and be able to work both independently and in group projects. Open to 11-12th grade only with written approval of instructor.