ADV VIDEO 1, 2 (DHS) Academy of Industry, Technology and Innovation

Designed for the masters of writing, producing, and directing who have successfully completed the introductory Video-Editing classes. In these courses, students will concentrate and emphasize the subtleties and procedures for editing all formats of video taped productions. The award winning students work primarily with Digital Video Cameras, and incorporate creative talent through state of the art technology, graphic design, and animation. Students entering this course should be able to demonstrate nonlinear editing skills and have a comprehension of editing techniques and styles. This level requires a fluid understanding of production skills and event coordination. (Recommended prerequisite: Studio Production & Video Editing or permission of instructor.)

ADV MOVIE MAKING(DHS) Academy of Industry, Technology and Innovation

In this demanding course, students will write, direct, produce, edit and market a feature movie production or a series of shorts. This class is open to highly motivated students with a sincere interest in the visual arts. This class will involve weekend and evening shoots, on location work and requires a professional work ethic. Writing, artistic, computer and communicative abilities are all emphasized and defined during this lengthy endeavor. The production will be the featured attraction for a premiere of student work in the spring. A willingness to work as a group member and team leader is mandatory. (Recommended prerequisite: Studio Productions 1 but not required)

STUDIO PRODUCTION 1, 2 (DHS) Academy of Industry, Technology and Innovation

This is a hands-on digital production courses that allows exceptional students the opportunity to work side by side and personally with the instructor. All assignments are shot on location in the WDHS production studio. Post-Production is also completed on-site with the incorporation of various programs that emphasize the necessity of backgrounds, music selection and computer graphics.

VIDEO EDITING 1, 2 (DHS) Academy of Industry, Technology and Innovation

In these introductory courses, students will be taught the techniques and importance of linear online and non linear editing. Students will also be introduced to computer/web streaming audio and video production as well as an introduction to computer animation techniques. (Recommended prerequisite: Studio production 1-2 or permission of instructor.)