The yearlong course introduces the fundamentals of American Sign Language (ASL) used by the Deaf Community, including basic vocabulary, syntax, finger spelling, and grammatical non-manual signals. Focuses on communicative competence. Develops gestural skills as a foundation for ASL enhancement. Introduces cultural knowledge and increases understanding of the Deaf Community. The 2-year sequence of ASL will fulfill the MMC world language requirement which begins with the Class of 2016.


This year long course develops vocabulary, conversational competence, and grammatical knowledge with a total immersion approach. Introduces increasingly complex grammatical aspects including those unique to ASL. Discusses culture and literature. Contact with the Deaf Community is encouraged to enhance linguistic and cultural knowledge.

ARABIC 11st year

These are beginning courses offered to students who have no knowledge of the written Arabic language. We begin formal study of the structure of the language. Emphasis is on reading and writing. Grammatical structure is introduced in the second part of the course along with some communication skills. The culture and different dialogues of Arabic speaking countries are also introduced.

ARABIC 2nd year

Second year Arabic focuses on building conversational, reading, and grammar skills. Students will also begin writing original compositions, dialogues, plays, etc. The cultural aspects of the Arab World will be explored. (Recommended prerequisite: Arabic 1)

ARABIC 3rd year

This course is the continuation of study of Modern Standard Arabic. Arabic 5-6 offers the student the opportunity to focus on readings of a cultural, historical and literary nature; be able to discuss their content; and write about them in the target language. Short stories, poetry, newspapers, magazines, and videos, in addition to intermediate level literary works, will be used. The study of the fifth largest spoken language will include both reflections on the important historical facts and modern aspects of the Arab World. (Recommended Prerequisite: Arabic 2)

ARABIC 4th year

This fourth year Arabic course refines advanced skills in Modern Standard Arabic. Students will concentrate on advanced vocabulary and grammar. They will further explore various forms of literature, composition formats, and translation skills. (Recommended prerequisite: Arabic 3)

FRENCH 1st year

These are beginning courses in French which provide an introduction to the French language for students who have had no previous study of French. For those who have had conversational French in the elementary and middle schools, it begins their formal study of the structure of the language. Emphasis is on oral comprehension and speaking providing students with background for communication. Readings deal with everyday life situations in France and introduce French geography, history and culture.

FRENCH 2nd year

In French 3 and 4, reading is added to the basic skills of speaking and writing which were begun in French 1 and 2 and which will receive continued emphasis in 3 and 4. The reading provides material for oral use of the language and increases the student's French vocabulary. Cultural material in context is used. (Recommended prerequisite: French 1.)

FRENCH 3rd year

French 5 and 6 are conducted, as much as possible, in the French language. Students will increase their audio comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills. Speaking in target language is important and encouraged. The knowledge of culture also is increased through a variety of materials. Opportunities for readings from the works of French authors are provided as well as the use of more advanced structures and idioms. (Recommended prerequisite: French 2)

FRENCH 4th year

The fourth-year of foreign language study is a continuation of the study of all 4 skills on an advanced level. French is the language of instruction in the classroom. There is a further refinement of the use of grammatical structures, vocabulary, pronunciation and an in-depth study of culture. The historical foundation of culture is introduced and developed. Students are encouraged to develop their language skills more proficiently to express themselves individually as well as group projects, video productions, debates and discussions. The development of full expression of ideas and the sharing of it are encouraged. (Recommendation prerequisite: French 3)

GERMAN 1st year

These are introductory courses offered to students who have no previous experience in German. The first year encompasses basic comprehension and speaking. Grammatical structure is introduced, but the emphasis is on the communicative skills. The geography and culture of German speaking countries are introduced.

GERMAN 2nd year

Second year German students continue to learn basic grammar with increased emphasis on speaking. Techniques used to improve the productive skills are mini-skits and summaries. Second semester students will read short graded readers. (Recommended prerequisite: German 1)

GERMAN 3rd year

These courses offer an intensive grammar review, cultural history and analysis of modern literature (poems and short stories.) Students will keep journals; write compositions and give short speeches. (Recommended prerequisite: German 2)

GERMAN 4th year

Fourth year German will fine-tune the skills learned in the previous years. Culture and literature will be studied more in-depth. Oral and written expression will be more refined. Students will debate and discuss topics of current interest. (Recommended prerequisite: German 3)

SPANISH 1st year

This year of Spanish stresses the fundamentals of Spanish conversation and the introduction of basic grammar. Students learn vocabulary and expressions used in basic conversation. Skills taught are: listening-comprehension, speaking, and an introduction to reading and writing within a cultural context.

SPANISH 2nd year

This second year of Spanish is a continuation of Spanish 1 and 2. Additional grammatical structures and their use are introduced and vocabulary is increased. Reading and writing skills are further developed. Cultural knowledge is increased. (Recommended prerequisite:Spanish 1)

SPANISH 3rd year

This year reviews the fundamentals of Spanish grammar. There will be a concentration of advanced grammar and vocabulary. Emphasis is given to speaking, reading and writing. Knowledge of the geography, culture and people of the Hispanic world is intrinsic. (Recommended prerequisite: Spanish 2)

SPANISH 4th year

This year emphasizes proficiency in listening, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing on an advanced level. Spanish is the language of instruction in the classroom. The objective of the course is to develop fluent and accurate comprehension and communication skills in both oral and written Spanish. The course will offer refinement of pronunciation, review of the grammar in all its aspects and enrichment of vocabulary in context. Further understanding in the reading of journals, articles, magazines and modern Hispanic literature, and extensive coherent writing of compositions in a given topic without the use of a dictionary are required. Course content will include intellectual interests of students and teacher (the arts, literature, history, culture, sports, current events, etc.). Materials will include audio and video recordings, films, newspapers and magazines. (Recommended prerequisite: Spanish 3)